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Suvi Oskala is a versatile professional musician from Finland whose main instruments are the five-string fiddle and voice. Suvi’s work as a musician is complemented by her continuing work as a folk music instrument teacher at for example the Sibelius Academy of University of Arts Helsinki and Pakila Music School in Helsinki. 


Music as a solo act and  in ensembles.

Suvi plays the five-string fiddle, sings and composes music. With her instruments she creates wonderful sound scapes. She has created music (composed, arranged and written lyrics) for all her ensembles and also for student ensembles under her guidance. Suvi has also worked in a number of multidisciplinary projects. For more information on Suvi’s ensembles and projects please visit the portfolio.



Folk music teaching both live and online

Suvi teaches folk music at the Sibelius Academy of University of Arts Helsinki and Pakila music school in Helsinki. She also offers courses around Finland on accompaniment on fiddle and other string instruments. 

"Suvi's music is ethereal, complex, imaginative, magical and profound."

- Mi Andersen, 2024


Suvi Oskala

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